Innovative Solutions for the unique demands of mechanical and electrical installations.

Building design is becoming increasingly complex and many structures have a mass of pipes, tubes and cables suspended from the ceiling.

Plumbers, electricians, HVAC installers your work comes with its own unique challenges; that’s why we spend many hours on construction sites listening to our customers concerns and challenges and we design our product features, accessories, software and services to help make their working lives a little bit easier.

Some of these challenges include long hours working overhead, installing numerous fixing points that is time consuming, working in tight spaces, working in dark spaces, making sure everything is aligned and keeping the workspace clean and dust free; while making sure workers are working in a safe environment. 

Hilti has solved many of these challenges for specific working conditions and installations, select below the relevant Installations for you to read more about Hilti solutions & services for mechanical and electrical installations.

hilti services for mechanical & electrical installation professionals

Tool Services
On-Site Support

+ Professional Tool Service Centre

+ Spare Parts Availability

+ 20 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

+ 2 Years no cost on tool repairs*

+ 1 Month Warranty on paid tool repairs                                   


+ Account managers          

+ Advice on product selection

+ Product training

+ Pull out testing (Coming Soon)

+ Order & repair management

+ Health & safety training (Coming Soon)                                   

+ 24/7 engineering support through our digital platform Ask Hilti

+ Drawing & calculation services 

+ Technical Documentation

+ BIM/CAD Library



+ Local Stock availability 

+ Delivery to your site

+ Consumable Cabinet with standard replenishment orders

+ Custom quantity packing and re-packing

+ Material Safety Data Sheet availability



mechanical & electrical WORKS

Installing piping                                                                        
Electrical cable, conduit fastening and electrical sockets
Concrete penetrations                                          

Installing in tight & dark spaces                                             

Anchoring for electrical & mechanical supports         

Grounding & bounding  - Electrical