recommended solutions

Injectable epoxy mortar HIT-RE 500 V4

Injectable epoxy mortar HIT-RE 500 V4
Ultimate-performance injectable epoxy mortar with approvals for rebar connections and heavy-duty anchoring.

Vent Curtain Combo
Avoid use of roofbolts in stopes when installing vent curtains by means of cordless installation of IDP fasteners.
Straining Wire Combo
Cordless solution by means of expansion anchor for installation of straining wire, lifelines, bellwire, vent brattices, signage, electric panels and junction boxes into rock and concrete
Survey Peg Combo
Cordless, dustless solution to faster survey peg installation; replace conventional block and spad method with 6mm tie wire wedge anchor, resulting in safer and faster production.
Rigging Hole Combo
New 36mm rigging holes can be drilled into rock by means of our cordless solution in the TE 60-A36 Cordless Combi-hammer and TE YX drill bit. No services needed
Impact Wrench Combo
Move away from conventional spanners and air hoses with cordless impact wrench for fastening/loosening of bolts and nuts on motors, pumps, pipe columns, brackets, vent doors, shaft work and more.