Mining in Zimbabwe – Hilti solution based products & services

Mining has its unique challenges and opportunities whether it be for platinum, diamond, chrome, coal or gold; if you are mining underground or open pit; you need specialized solutions, products and services.

Hilti in Zimbabwe has access to many years of expertise of Hilti stakeholders from the  Southern African region who understand the full spectrum of the processes in the mining sector, which include health and safety considerations.

Mining applications with specialized products on request

Hilti Zimbabwe has access to a wide range of solution based products for the mining industry. In the image below, we highlight the basic applications for your regular needs.

We highly recommend that you book a demonstration with one of our mining specialists so they can understand your applications more and the conditions that you and your teams are working under. 

Once our specialist team has vistied you and completed a demonstration, we can provide you with the best recommendations  tailor made solutions with our power tools, insert or fastening systems that will work best for your needs.

To view our most popular mining products, click on the links below and get more product information.  

Our services to the mining sector

We offer the following services for the mining sector:

  • + Consulting on selecting the right product for your application needs (on site for the technical teams or at the office in a boardroom set-up for top management)
  • + Safety training on-site for your staff
  • + Product training on-site for your staff (power tools & anchor systems & direct fastening systems)
  • + Delivery services to your sites or office
  • + Tool repair services with defined turnaround times and costs (negotiated during the purchasing process)
  • + All the required product documentation ( tax invoices, material safety data sheets, approvals etc.)
  • + Back office engineering support (out of Dubai or South Africa) for any designs
  • + Pull-out testing for anchors