FAST, SIMPLE & UNIQUE Hilti Tool Services!

20 YEARS Materials & Workmanship Warranty

Hilti will repair or replace parts that break as a result of defects in materials or workmanship for 20 years

2 YEARS Wear & Tear Coverage

Hilti will repair tools at no cost for *2 years from the date of purchase. (1) Damage due to wear and tear is covered. (2) No charges for parts and labour.

1 MONTH Warranty on Charged Repairs

If you pay for your repair Hilti will guarantee the workmanship for 1 month. This includes the entire tool not just the replaced spare parts. Hilti guarantees your charged repair will not be greater than 40% of that Hilti tools’ retail price.

*6 months no cost includes the following tools: steel drill UD-4,  Hand drive tool BD-1, 12V Cordless Tool Platform & all Angle Grinders

*2 years no cost includes the following tools: Rotary hammer TE-1,TE2(M), TE3, TE7, TE30, TE50, (TE60), TE70, TE800, TE1000, TE2000, TE3000, AG- 125-13/19, 230-24**, SCW 55 / 70, All Cordless 22V Tool Platform, DD 160, DD 200, DG 150, DC SE 20, DCH 180/230/300, AG 230-27, Other DD, Measuring tools, DX Tools

"Unique QUALITY Repair & Service:” we guarantee original Hilti spare parts, state of the art repair centers & fully trained & certified repair technicians to repair all Hilti tools with the highest quality in the market.

“Unique COVERAGE Full cost control: ” control your repair costs; Hilti tools come with 20 Years Manufacturing Warranty & up to *2 years no repair costs (wear & tear included), with a repair cost limit after this period capped at 40% of the Hilti tool retail price. All of this makes your tool repair costs pleasantly predictable.

“Unique CONSISTENCY Fastest in class: ” we own and control the complete repair process so you get a comprehensive repair service with super-fast repair turnaround time from start to end. Simple & easy repair order placement with no registration or proof of purchase needed.